Drinking Mask Featured in Eat This!

We were featured in Eat This, Not That! this week.   As COVID-19 continues to disrupt our lives, we hope our masks with a straw hole help stop the spread of Coronavirus.  

Sheila Coates, founder of BYOB (Be Your Own Brand) Unlimited, just launched the hottest (or should we say the most refreshing?) mask of 2020: The Drinking Mask. Essentially, it's a face-covering designed to allow you to sip on your water, lemonade, or to-go cocktail without having to remove it. The trick is you have to use a straw, as the Drinking Mask has a small opening right where your mouth is underneath the fabric.

The Drinking Mask has adjustable ear straps so it fits snugly to your face (because a loose face-covering defeats the purpose, doesn't it?). It's made of a stretchy, soft, breathable, and machine-washable material, and the drinking hole is grommeted so it won't be damaged by your straw. There's also an inside flap that keeps the hole covered when you're not sipping away in order to keep germs and—for those who have bad allergies—pollen out.